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FDI's Capturx, No-Code mobile forms platform for smartpen and paper or any modern touch device, synced with your enterprise data system in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost.

1. Power Users create forms, securely connect central data systems, and set-up
    workflows —  all under the umbrella of IT-friendly data security and control measures.

2. Field Teams easily and naturally collect data with smartpens and paper or tablets

3. Central Teams get immediate secure data access for faster analysis, real-time decision       making, process transparency, supply chain visibility, streamlined billing, balanced cash     flow, easier compliance, improved customer service, employee safety and more.


Working with Capturx

3 Step No-code mobile forms

1) Design your form in Excel

  • Use the Capturx for Excel ribbon to define the field types and names

    • 22 field types including signatures, lists and regular expressions

2) Use the Capturx Publish tool to push your form to the cloud

  • A database with all the field names you added in Excel is created

3) Open Google Chrome on any device to access your mobile form

  • OS independent

    • iOS, Android, Windows

  • Device independent

    • Tablet, laptop, desktop, smartphone

    • Can also be printed onto regular paper and written on with a smartpen

  • Use Anywhere or Anytime

    • Collect data online or offline

* Optional Low-Code tools

  • Validation

  • Workflows

  • Calculations

  • Database integration

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Many field industries and agencies use FDI solutions as natural interfaces into ServiceMax, SharePoint,, Excel, Tableau, reporting and BI tools as well as other enterprise solutions.


Choose your Device.

Choose your System Integration.
Choose your Language.

We are very proud to offer our solution in 50+ languages.

The customization of FDI Solutions is unprecedented, we're here to make your business run smoothly!



THE First step is to SCHEDULE A DEMO.

Please fill out the form below and we'll be in touch to schedule a demo! We'll show you how it works with your own form, answer questions, and talk through your current and desired workflow. In the meantime we'll send a confirmation mail with a link to our Mobile App Gotcha eBook, a great resource to scan as you are thinking through your project goals.