Due to rugged environments and harsh weather conditions, much of field service is still paper-based. Organizations are seeking to bridge the gap between the physical- and digital-asset worlds. 

FDI offers a new way to gain real-time visibility to field asset data within your central enterprise data system – enabling significant time and money savings.


FDI solves data collection issues in challenging environments. We provides IT-Friendly,   D-I-Y, device indepenent, mobile solutions for any modern digital device as well as smartpens and regular paper, synced with your data system, in your language, in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost. We excel at process re-engineering, without the pain, for paper based field data collection regardless of whether you are sticking with paper or moving completely to a digital platform.
operational visibility
more-informed decision making
Faster billing +
better cashflow
Handwriting Recognition
get converted
text + eliminate data entry
automated  workflows +
choose device
based on environment
Reduce Paper handling and workflow


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